We pull out all the stops for Christmas! Watch this page for updated product listing of specialty sourdoughs and extra-special sweet treats. Visit our Online Store to pre-order now!

Our selection of breads:

  • City Sourdough Loaves and small rolls, seeded and non-seeded

  • Suburban sourdough, whole wheat

  • Baguettes, seeded and non-seeded

  • Walnut sourdough loaves and rolls

  • Rosemary sourdough loaves and rolls

  • Buttermilk rolls

Special Christmas holiday products:

Buche de Noel AZV 2017.JPG

Bouche de Noel

This is our piece de resistance! Crafted over several days this ganache-covered almond sponge cake, rolled around a buttercream filling, accessorized with buttercream flowers and merengue mushrooms is a masterpiece.

Since this one is the most time-consuming item to make, make sure to pre-order; it's unlikely we shall have any for sale the day of.

Stollen AZV 2017.JPG

Marzipan Stollen

It’s stollen! Nah, we made it here! It’s ridiculously delicious as a slice on its own, or toasted. Fruits and nuts in a dense dough with a layer of marzipan, all that goodness coated in powdered sugar. It keeps forever, if you able to resist from eating it for any amount of time: good luck!

Bourbon Pecan Pie AZ 2016.JPG

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Pecans floating ever so boozily atop a velvety custard…ah, this pie is so dreamy…

Pear Frangipane Galette AZV 2016.JPG

Pear Frangipane Galette

This one is a perennial favorite. Thin layer of sliced pears baked atop almond cream in flaky crust. Yum AND classy!

Fruitcake AZV 2017.JPG


You want more booze; you got it!

These fruitcakes, chockfull of dried fruits and nuts (how do they ever hold together?) are prepared months in advance, and twice soaked in bourbon.

These make for delightful gifts, and, preserved in all that bourbon, they are hardly even perishable! We also have a vintage edition they year, which means those fruitcakes are soaked in bourbon for 15 months!

Apple Crisp.JPG

Apple Crisp

Apples baked with streusel topping of oats, almond meal and brown sugar. This one will delight wheat-free and vegan desert lovers as well!

Bread pudding AZV.JPG

Brioche Bread Pudding

Choose one of our holiday flavors: Chocolate Brandy or Candied Orange

Gingerbread house AZV 2018.JPG

Gingerbread House

Traditional Gingerbread House, replete with icing icicles, candy canes, chocolate kisses and M&M cobblestone pathways.

Supplies are extremely limited; only 8 houses available. Order soon to make sure you get to eat a whole house!

Butter Cookies AZV 2018.JPG

Butter Cookies

A festively wrapped package of butter cookies, ready for gift-giving! An assortment of dark and white-chocolate dipped cookies and colored sugar crystal covered ones.



Addictively crunchy and crispy almond cookies. These are like chips; you can put away a whole bag before you notice!

And so many more cookies available at the store! In addition to our offerings of everyday cookies, there are seasonally decorated holiday cookies. Fancified with colored crystal sugar, frosting, chocolate; patterned, designed, dipped and frosted, each of these cookies is truly one of a kind and available while supplies last. Depending on when you come in, you might find Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars, Santa or gingerbread men.

Xmas cookies AZV 2018.JPG

Pre-order Online to make sure you get these treats!

  • Even the bakers need a rest after baking for Y’all! Arizmendi Valencia Bakery is closed 12/25- 1/3. Reopening for regular business hours 1/4/2019.


How to place your advance order:

As usual, you can come to the store, 1268 Valencia,to fill out a pre-order form during our working hours,

or call us 415-826-9218, during our working hours,

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