This coming weekends a a holiday heavy-hitter: Easter, Passover, Earth Day, 4/20—celebrate them all!


2019 Hot Cross Buns.JPG

Hot Cross Buns

Expect our delicious Hot Cross buns, made with fluffly brioche, currants, candied orange and lemon peel, and spices, topped with an icing cross. By popular demand, they are coming to our shelves earlier, starting on Wednesday 4/17 and exploding on Easter Sunday 4/21. Pre-order yours now in-store or by calling. Seems like we just cannot make enough to satisfy the demand for these babies!

2019 Easter Tarte Lapin.JPG

Tarte Lapin

This Chocolate-Hazelnut Ganache tart is a tri-partite art piece. Sweet and flaky crust filled with a layer of hazelnut praline crunch topped with a luxurious bitersweet chocolate ganache. Each topped with an Easter-appropriate chocolate bunny. Dense and rich, the tart serves just 1-2 people and and is perfect for a Sunday Easter picnic in this glorious weather.


2019 Passover Orange Almond Cake.JPG

Flourless Orange Almond Cake

For the first two days, Friday and Saturday, we have flourless Orange Almond Cake. A traditional Passover treat made with almond meal and whole oranges, it is a dense and very moist cake that is a perfect ending to a holiday dinner. This 1.5 pound creation would easily serve 6-8 of your guests.

2018 Matzo Crunch-various.JPG

Chocolate Covered Matzo Crunch

CHOCOLATE COVERED MATZO CRUNCH in various flavors: just chocolate, sea salt, ginger, candied lemon peel is what we gots right now! We know how to spruce up a matzo into an addictive desert: your good ol’ glorious matzo, layered with toffee-like caramel, bittersweet chocolate, and an optional topping. Makes for great snacks and presents.



Coconut macaroons, plain and chocolate dipped.

And, DECORATED COOKIES for every occasion! No matter what your holiday persuasion is, we are here to help you celebrate sweetly. Ducks, Easter Eggs, Each Cookies, and 4.20 shortbreads.

How to place your advance order:

As usual, you can come to the store, 1268 Valencia,to fill out a pre-order form during our working hours,

or call us 415-826-9218, during our working hours,

Place your advance orders through our ONLINE STORE