While we are in a holiday lull until September ( Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur), and yet the summer is so rich in the abundance of fresh fruit, we are trying something new for a couple of months….

Introducing…. SUMMER PIE!

Merging the bounty of fresh fruit and our creative spirit, there shall be pie!

A different flavor every week, available as small pies (serves 1-2, $8) or a regular 9'' pie ( serves 6-8, $24). These pies will be available Thursdays and Fridays until sell out (and sell out they will!) on the weeks starting Aug 1-Sept 27.

Should you be going to a BBQ, a picnic, a party, or just in the mood for something summery sweet, pre-order one now to make sure you get one! Pre-order in our Online Store prior to Thursday of any week.

Aug 1-2 Peach Blueberry

Aug 8-9 White Nectarine Ginger

Aug 15-16 Mixed Berry (strawberry blackberry blueberry)

Aug 22-23 Peach Plum Pear (know that Joanna Newsom song?)

Aug 29-30 TBD

Sep 5-6 TBD

Check back soon for the flavors of the upcoming weeks.

Make sure you indicate which Thursday/Friday you are ordering for, if ordering in advance.

Lots of cookie-worthy occasions coming up: Father’s Day, SF Pride, Warriors games, July 4. So many themed decorated shortbreads coming to our shelves throughout the summer! Some larger creations that you can pre-order online!

San Francisco PRIDE WEEKEND: Watch out for the many cookies, Rainbow shortbread and Pink Lavender triangles, and a special once yearly treat of Rainbow Cupcakes to celebrate Pride weekend.

2018 Pride Rainbow Cupcake.jpg

Rainbow Cupcakes

For SF Pride our store turns very colorful! Watch out for our very popular Rainbow cupcakes. Pink Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting in seven colors of the rainbow flag. A fun treat to take with to the streets this Pride weekend.

Available Friday 6/28-6/30 or until sold-out. $4 each.

JULY 4: Brioche burger buns for your BBQ, American flag cookies and strawberry-blueberry fruit pies.

2018 July 4 pie.JPG

Strawberry Blueberry Pies

Serve up strawberry-blueberry pies with whipped cream for a flag-color treat) Pre-order pies Online; these will fly off the shelves. Your choice of a large pie (6-8 servings) or a mini pie ( 1-2 servings).

Available Wednesday 7/3 and Thursday 7/4.

How to place your advance order:

As usual, you can come to the store, 1268 Valencia,to fill out a pre-order form during our working hours,

or call us 415-826-9218, during our working hours,

Place your advance orders through our ONLINE STORE