Pi Day 3.14

Pi day is 3.14, but we shall have pies available 3.13 and 3.14. Strawberry Rhubarb or Blueberry Crumble—celebrate your inner math geek and bring in the spring in delicious style! These Pi are so good, you’ll be licking your digits!

Pre-order Online to make sure you get these treats! Whole pies available for pre-order, individual pies available in store, until we sell out. Reserve yours now!

St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Starting Wednesday 3/13, watch out for Chocolate Guinness Stout teacake, so moist and delicious with just a hint of stout brew. Come find Clover Leaf cookies, decorated with green granulated sugar, and matcha-tinted shortbread cookies on our shelf. Friday, Saturday and Sunday- 20oz. loaves of and 3.5oz small Irish Soda bread, a traditional scone-like boozy fruit concoction. Preorder Irish Soda Bread loaves Online.


Hamentashen Galore! Poppyseed, apricot and whatever else your favorite bakers can dream up, in a buttery crumbly shortbread dough! Coming your way, or at least to the shelves of your favorite bakery, 3/16-3/20.

Passover and Easter Sunday

We are still dreaming up which goodies we’d like to treat you to, but here are some definites: Hot Cross Buns, Matzo Crunch, some delicious wheat-free cake, decorated cookies of many egg-like or duck-ish persuasions.

Duck cookie.JPG

How to place your advance order:

As usual, you can come to the store, 1268 Valencia,to fill out a pre-order form during our working hours,

or call us 415-826-9218, during our working hours,

Place your advance orders through our ONLINE STORE